Advanced self-service technology fills the gaps in your business.

Accomplish your business goals with the right tools.

Advanced features and capabilities allow you to start, run, and grow your business, and ultimately attain success.

Business performance analytics

Based on your business’s past performance, see what improvements need to be made and where you have been successful, in order to run your business more effectively.

Customer relationship management

Create customer profiles based on buying behaviors, preferences, desires, and frustrations, to give your customers a personalized experience with your business. Then use loyalty and rewards programs to attract new customers and encourage regulars to keep coming back.

Targeted Marketig Campaigns

Customer profiles also assist in creating more targeted marketing campaigns. View their past purchases and market popular items more aggressively to your customers by using their contact information, which is also collected and stored in your customer database.

Employee Management

Supervise employee performance by seeing how many sales they’ve closed. You can also set access permissions for each employee to the varying levels of your business, and create and modify their schedules.

Inventory Tracking

See which items are selling out quickly and which ones are not. Then set reminders for when you need to order more, so you never miss out on a sale again.

Get everything you need for your business in one device.

You can choose between a turnkey solution that is ready for your business’s immediate use or a customized solution that is developed specifically for your business.


Self-service software is customized for each industry, with preset features, functions, and integrations. All you need to do is plug in and turn on, and your software will be ready to go, no configurations or installations required.


Choose the self-service features you need and download onto the hardware that best suits your business. We can also integrate with any API or software to provide you with your perfect solution.

Self-service fuels your business growth.

You can do more for your business when you use self-service. The advanced technology and features help you to run your business more efficiently and capitalize on your successes.

Expand your customer base

Shorter wait times and a personalized experience contribute to higher customer satisfaction, an improved customer acquisition rate, and higher retention.

Streamline business operations

Spend less time on administrative tasks and use reporting tools to see how to run your business more effectively. This also reduces the risk of human error by your employees.

Increase your revenue

Reduce labor costs without the need to train and hire additional employees to handle the workload. With self-service, you also have more opportunities to up-sell add-ons, upgrades, and special offers at the point of sale.

Optimize your business’s success with Aivah.




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