Aivah and Quick Service Restaurants.

Manage your quick service restaurant with advanced self-service features.

24/7 On Site Employee

  • No more scheduling 
  • No more hiring
  • No more training


Quick Order

  • No more long lines
  • No more incorrect orders
  • No more frustrated customers

Secure Pay

  • No more incorrect change
  • No more cash mishandling
  • No more identity theft

Reduce the risk of human error.

With self-service, there is less risk of human error
when it comes to order specifications and handling
customer payments. Aivah keeps track of every
order and every payment so that no mistakes are

More opportunities to increase revenue .

It is much easier to up-sell special offers, meal upgrades,
or add-ons through a kiosk than through your staff.
Your customers will have a direct opportunity to cash
in on your special offers, and you’ll have the opportunity
to earn more on every order.

Benefits of self-service.

Directly address your customers’ needs for speed
and convenience by providing a self-service kiosk
that they can use at their convenience and gives
them more control over how they interact with
your restaurant. Self-service has become a popular
alternative in restaurants, so that 38% of customers
are more willing to eat at a restaurant if it offers it as
an option.

Serve more customers with less stress for your business.




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