Aivah and hospitality.

Manage your hospitality business with advanced self-service features.

Hotel guest satisfaction.

In the US, hotel guests value speed and convenience
above all else. Guests have an average wait time
tolerance of 5 minutes at the front desk, and
exceeding this time frame can result in a 47% decrease
in satisfaction.

Cut the line.

Adding an Aivah self-service kiosk to your front
desk offers guests an alternative to waiting in
long lines to check in with a member of your staff.
This allows you to serve more guests in a shorter
amount of time.

Check in and check out.

Guests can check themselves in and out of your hotel
with simple, straightforward steps and identity
authentication. This is especially appealing to travelers
who don’t want to wait for their rooms, nor disrupt
their travel plans.

Sign hotel policy forms.

Guests can electronically sign hotel policy forms
at the kiosk, which will then be saved to their
customer profile for future reference. No more
line hold-ups while guests sign mountains of
paperwork at your front desk.

Pay for rooms.

Guests can pay for their rooms at the kiosk with
cash, check, card, or mobile payments

Benefits of self-service.

Directly address your guests’ needs for speed
and convenience by providing a self-service kiosk
that they can use at their convenience and gives
them more control over how they interact with
your business. Self-service is so popular, that 41%
of guests are more likely to stay at a hotel with
self-service options, and 85% of check-in activity
has moved to self-service kiosks when they are

Attain more guests with less stress for your business.




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