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Kat Elliott
We are seeing a surge in the popularity of self service technology, reflected in the installation of self service kiosks in businesses all across the country. Self service is adaptable and offers many benefits to the businesses that provide them and the customers that use them, regardless of the business’s industry, size, or offerings.

One industry that is seeing increasing usage of self service is the hospitality industry. There are a lot of processes that can be automated, allowing businesses to help more people in a shorter amount of time.

Self service in hospitality

Implementing self service at your hospitality business will help you to streamline operations and give your employees the opportunity to carry out more complex tasks and provide more personal customer service.

Some of the processes that self service automates for hospitality are:

  • Guest check-in – Rather than waiting in a long line for an employee to assist with the check in process at the front desk, guests can check in at a self service kiosk. Check-in steps are easy to follow, and require a confirmation number, basic personal information, and verification of identity.
  • Sign hotel policy forms – Guests can electronically sign hotel policy and incidentals forms, and the self service kiosk will automatically store the signed documents in your hotel guest database for future reference, if necessary.
  • Up-sell guests – Show customers available upgrades, special offers, or other promotions on the self service kiosk’s screen. It is a more reliable method of up-selling than requiring staff to do so, as they can be prone to forgetting or can be immediately turned down by guests.
  • Pay at the kiosk – The self service kiosks doubles as a point of sale system, allowing guests to pay for their rooms at the kiosk rather than at the front desk with an employee.
  • Guest checkout – Guests can quickly and efficiently check out by entering their last name and room number, and returning their room keys.

The self service software can also integrate with any additional APIs or software you need to operate your hotel. It is highly adaptable and easily integrates with your Cloudbeds property management system and point of sale software.

Hotel check in kiosk

Self service benefits for hospitality

You will immediately start seeing the benefits of adding self service to your business, as both guests and employees will see an increase in overall satisfaction. Some advantages of implementing self service into your business include:

  • Guests have more control – Guests can choose whether they use the kiosk or get assistance from an employee, and when they want these interactions to take place
  • Reduced lines – Increased efficiency of tedious administrative processes means that you can serve more guests in less time with minimal staff
  • Employees have more free time – Rather than supervising the front desk, employees can check on guests or carry out other tasks that require manpower
  • Collect and analyze guest data – Data is stored in a guest database every time guests use the kiosk in order to improve marketing and personalization efforts
  • Customization – Add as many or as little features as you need to operate your business the way you want
  • Increased revenue opportunities – Up-sell directly to guests by displaying promotions and additional services on the kiosk screen
  • Decreased labor costs – Save your time and money, as there is no need to hire and train additional employees to handle the workload
  • Increased guest satisfaction – Increased efficiency of otherwise tedious processes results in higher satisfaction and improved retention
  • Stay organized – Manage multiple aspects of your business from one place, including inventory, guest bookings, marketing, employee schedules, and more!

The self service solution

The installation and use of self service at your business is intended to help you succeed. Many of the features and functions are designed for three specific purposes, including:

Creating a better customer experience

Using personalization and addressing guests’ demands for convenience and speed will result in a more positive experience and higher customer satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to a higher customer retention rate and, eventually, a higher acquisition rate, as your regular guests recommend your business to others via word-of-mouth or online reviews.

Streamlining business operations

Automating your administrative processes will allow your business to be more efficient in the way it operates. Then, you can start focusing more on pursuing your long-term business goals, instead of day-to-day manual tasks.

Increasing revenue

Reducing the need to hire and train additional employees to handle the work load during the busy times will result in a lower labor cost that can then be redistributed elsewhere. You’ll also have more opportunities to up-sell to guests by displaying promotions on the kiosk screen.


Key takeaways

Adding self service to your hospitality business will help you achieve success for your business by improving the customer experience, streamlining business operations, and increasing revenue. Self service will benefit both your customers and your employees, and you will be able to focus on more of your business’s long-term goals, instead of just mundane tasks and day-to-day operations.

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