The most advanced POS system in the industry.

Aivah POS uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a seamless experience at the point of sale.


Aivah POS is built with self-service capabilities so that your customers can checkout without your assistance, allowing you to focus on other duties. This also contributes to reduced labor costs and lower customer wait times.

Artificial intelligence.

This POS system comes built in with artificial intelligence, allowing it to learn about your business and manage mundane or administrative tasks. Transactional and customer information is collected and stored in a database so you can review it later.

Machine learning.

The POS system is also capable of machine learning, in which it uses the data that is collected and creates predictive models based on your business. These predictive models provide business insights based on your past performance, and make suggestions for the future based on improvements that can be made to increase sales or acquire and retain customers, and your previous successes.

Everything you need.

All the standard POS features you need to fuel your business’s success.

Secure transactions

With Aivah POS, your customers will have the fastest, safest option when they pay by card, and you’ll have a reduced risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Receive payments quickly

Next day funding availability means you can get your funds quickly, allowing you to better manage your cash flow and avoid the long turnaround times that typically come with card payments.

Run your business more efficiently

Spot trends and identify your customers’ needs and wants, then market directly to them. Keep track of when your inventory levels are low, and set reminders to order more.

Reporting tools

View daily, weekly, and monthly reports of sales and services. Monitor average payments, tips, and the days of the week that are busiest.

Take your business to the next level with self-service payment technology.




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