Simplified payment processing.

Accept payments with ease as our experienced team strives to provide a simple and straightforward process for receiving your funds.

Fulfill all of your payment requirements.

Our payment processing services allow you to accept
all forms of payment, from cash and check to card and
mobile. You can process payments at affordable rates,
with no hidden or padded fees.

Personal account management.

Your merchant processing account will be managed
closely by a member of our support team to better
reduce any risks of transactional errors. For any
other issues, our support team works tirelessly to
provide you with a solution as quickly as possible.

Process payments seamlessly.

We provide comprehensive processing services, so that you can accept any payment without worry.  Check out some of our features below:

Data Security

All equipment is up to date with PCI’s data security standards to protect your and your customers’ information.

Reporting Tools

Receive reports on all transactions, batches, and deposits, to see how much money
you’ve earned, the fees you were charged and why, and if there’s any chargebacks.

Next Day Funding

No more worrying about delayed funds, as you receive your deposits as soon as the
next day. This helps you to manage your business’s cash flow more easily.

Get paid with Aivah.




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